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Written Questions:


  • 20th Jul
    Subject: Mercosur negotiations on eggs and egg products
  • 3rd Mar
    Subject: Terrestrial trunked radio masts
  • 12th Feb
    Subject: Potato ring rot
  • 30th Jan
    Subject: Endometriosis


  • 27th Oct
    Subject: Effect of climatic change on cod stocks
  • 27th Aug
    Subject:  Missing persons in Cyprus
  • 27th Aug
    Subject: Ozone-depleting substances
  • 27th Aug
    Subject: Illegal trade in ozone-depleting substances
  • 4th Jun
    Subject: Synthetic progestins in contraceptive pills and Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • 13th May
    Subject: Traditional herbal remedies
  • 8th May
    Subject: ASP in scallops-testing regime operating in France
  • 22nd Apr
    Subject: 2003 financial package to tackle BSE and other animal diseases
  • 22nd Jan
    Subject: Public access to documents - consultation on GATS proposals.


  • 4th Dec
    Subject: Local abattoir facilities - Western Isles of Scotland.
  • 28th Nov
    Subject: Biebrza National Park, Poland.
  • 7th Nov
    Subject: Industrial fisheries - Sandeels
  • 9th Oct
    Subject: Fleet reductions
  • 30th Sep
    Subject: Ramifications of delays in proposals relating to the common fisheries policy
  • 19th Sep
    Subject: Vaccine to combat infectious Salmon Anaemia
  • 19th Sep
    Subject: Infectious Hematopoietic Necrosis
  • 19th Sep
    Subject: Fishing industry earnings
  • 14th Aug
    Subject: Commission failing to act upon sound and verifiable scientific advice in fisheries
  • 14th Aug
    Subject: Management of North Sea fish stocks
  • 25th Jul
    Subject: Welfare of animals during transport and desirability of a local abattoir in the Western Isles of Scotland
  • 18th Jul
    Subject: Agri-monetary compensation
  • 17th Jul
    Subject: CFP reform and potential legal challenge
  • 17th Jul
    Subject: Fisheries - Hague Preferences
  • 17th Jul
    Subject: Future of fisheries-dependent communities
  • 11th Jul
    Subject: VAT on safety helmets and hats in the UK
  • 27th Jun
    Subject: Biomedical primate research
  • 24th Jun
    Subject: Fishing of non-quota species in the North Sea
  • 14th May
    Subject: Review of the common fisheries policy
  • 2nd May
    Subject: Access to information on fisheries policy
  • 27th Mar
    Subject: French ban on imports of British beef


  • 13th Nov
    Subject: Haddock fishing
  • 26th Oct
    Subject: Policy on container hub ports
  • 17th May
    Subject: Genetically modified fish


  • 28th Sep
    Subject: Dolphins and pair trawlers
  • 20th Sep
    Subject: FIFG and fish diseases
  • 12th Jan
    Subject: Fisheries: Fleet size and MAGPs
  • 12th Jan
    Subject: Fisheries - Reallocation of FIFG
  • 12th Jan
    Subject: Fisheries - FIFG and the UK


  • 22nd Dec
    Subject: Fisheries Council meetings
  • 16th Dec
    Subject: Compensation for the compulsory slaughter of salmon in accordance with EC law

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