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6 June
Anti Fraud MEP welcomed by SNP/PLAID Euro-MPs

Scottish National Party and Plaid Cymru Euro-MPs have welcomed the newly elected Dutch MEP and anti fraud campaigner Paul van Buitenen's decision to join their political group in the European Parliament.

The Scottish and Welsh nationalists sit in the Green / European Free Alliance group of MEPs. Mr van Buitenen is a former European official who gained a name for himself as an anti-fraud whistle-blower - he announced his decision to join the Green / EFA group earlier today (Tuesday).

Ian Hudghton MEP, SNP European Leader said:

"One of the first votes I took part in, in 1998 was to censure the European Commission - a vote which led to the resignation of the entire Commission. In the Parliament, I have been a member of the Campaign for Reform since its foundation and look forward to working with Paul van Buitenen and our expanding group towards that end."

Jill Evans MEP (Plaid Cymru) commented:

"European institutions are too distant and irrelevant with a lack of genuine accountability, particularly financial accountability. We have long campaigned for greater openness, transparency and genuine democratic accountability in the way Europe is governed and I look forward to working with Mr Van Buitenen and others who share this aim. The process of reform has been far too slow and we must see real progress in this area during this next parliament."

Newly elected SNP Euro-MP Alyn Smith added:

"I'm delighted that Paul Van Buitenen will be coming to join us in the group. A great many electors across Europe turned away from the Parliament in the last election and the perception of the institution must have something to do with that. I have been told that over 60 percent of the MEPs for this session are newly elected, so hopefully we will be able to take meaningful steps towards reform and I look forward to working with Paul to achieve this aim."

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