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20 May
Only SNP can bring control of Fishing to Scotland


Control of Scotland's fisheries for Scotland by Scotland can only be achieved with the SNP, SNP Euro-candidate Ian Hudghton said as he pointed out that Labour and the Lib-Dems would hand control to Brussels while the Tories would hand it to London.

Speaking as EU governments continued negotiations on the constitution, he said:

"The fishing industry has suffered years of mismanagement and sell out at the hands of London and Brussels. They have jointly presided over the destruction of a once great fleet and left our fishing communities struggling to survive.

"Labour and the Lib-Dems now want to enshrine Brussels control of the industry by making it an exclusive competency of the EU. That will forever cement the disastrous control of our industry by Europe.

"The Tories, meanwhile, want to hand control of the industry over to London. They want to put the livelihoods of our fishermen into the hands of people who have repeatedly sold them out.

"The choice between Labour and the Tories is a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea. Neither offers the industry any real hope of a brighter future. Only by bringing control of our fisheries back to Scotland to be governed in our own national interest can we turn the industry around. It is only with the SNP that we can return control of the industry to our own shores.

"Labour knows that it cannot win the forthcoming referendum on the EU constitution without the support of Scotland. A vote for the SNP in the Euro elections will send a clear signal that the price of that support is the return of control over our fishing industry.

"Scotland has the chance to call a halt to the sell-outs and betrayals. We can force London to listen and force our national interest onto agenda in Brussels. That is a prize that makes the European elections crucial to the future of our fishing communities.

"In June 10th, the choice is simple; London control with the Tories, Brussels control with Labour or Scottish control with the SNP."

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