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11 May
Hudghton slams LIB/LAB false hope on Fisheries

Scottish National Party MEP Ian Hudghton on Monday (10 May) took part in a major hustings preceding the European Election campaign, organised in conjunction with Ullapool FishWeek.  In a lively question and answer session Mr. Hudghton condemned the Liberal and Labour Parties for attempting to mislead Scotland’s fishing communities into thinking that the CFP may be reformed.  Mr. Hudghton said:

“Included in the disastrous deal voted for by the UK Fisheries Minister at the December 2002 meeting of the Council of Ministers, was a reformed CFP.  This will not be reviewed until the year 2012.  It is disingenuous of Liberal and Labour politicians to now claim that they are working within the CFP in order to reform it. They inflicted a flawed reform upon us with very weak provision for regional advisory councils, only a temporary continuation of the 12 mile limit, and the threat of review hanging over relative stability and the Shetland Box.

“The only solution is to withdraw from the CFP and I call upon all Parties at Westminster to vote for MP Alex Salmond’s Bill, which would extract us from the CFP and devolve responsibility to Scotland for our own fisheries management.

“The Liberal and Labour Parties would blindly advocate support for an EU constitution which, as currently drafted, would entrench the CFP for all time as an exclusive competence of the European Union.  The SNP is calling on Tony Blair to wake up to this threat and veto the exclusive competence clause!”

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