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28 April
MEP seeks block on Broughty Tetra Mast

SNP Member of the European Parliament, Ian Hudghton, responding to reports of plans to locate a controversial TETRA mast in the heart of Broughty Ferry, says the City Council needs to take on board public concerns about this as-yet untested technology.

The MEP, in response to Perthshire campaigners, has already tabled an urgent question to the European Commission, pointing out that current regulations have failed to keep pace with recent developments like TETRA.  Today he repeated his call that a moratorium on TETRA masts be imposed until the technology is properly evaluated on health grounds.

Speaking from Parliament in Brussels today, the MEP said:

ďIn addition to my question, MEPís from across Europe are seeking to force the Commission to evaluate public safety issues around this technology.  Letís face it, when public health concerns over BSE were to the fore, they were not slow in getting a beef ban in place.  We are urging the Commission to act on TETRA now.

ďEvidence from England where masts are already in place shows that some of the health fears voiced are now a reality.  It is my view, and that of many MEPís that, until such time as TETRA can prove itself to be safe, further development should be halted.   Iím not convinced that TETRA is safe and would therefore urge Dundee City Council to block this application.Ē

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