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26 January
Senior SNP delegation in high level Brussels fisheries talks

SNP Leader John Swinney MSP leads a delegation to meet senior EU officials later today (Monday) to demand the renegotiation of Scotland's unfair fisheries deal from Europe. Mr Swinney, with SNP Westminster leader Alex Salmond MP, Euro-MP Ian Hudghton and Angus Robertson MP will meet John Farnell, the EU's Director General for Conservation Policy in Brussels tonight.

The high level talks will focus on the EU fishing quotas deal hammered out by EU fisheries ministers last month. It has since been revealed that Scotland is to have a lower quota than previously announced.

The SNP has been highly critical of the deal for threatening the Scottish fishing industry with bankruptcy whilst allowing foreign fishing boats to continue fishing in Scottish waters. The delegation will press for three key changes:

* an increase in the number of days Scottish boats are allowed at sea

* an end to the ban on fishing traditional Haddock grounds

* the scrapping of the permit system

Speaking ahead of the crucial talks, Ian Hudghton MEP said:

"With only days left before this atrocious deal is due to come into force, the situation is becoming increasingly urgent. The UK government scandalously signed up to a deal that threatens Scotland's fishing industry with bankruptcy whilst allowing foreign boats to plunder our waters. This is an outrage and utterly unacceptable. We will be pressing the EU for three key changes to this very bad deal. The situation is critical - we are fighting for the very survival of the Scottish fishing industry."

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