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14 January
Scots Labour and Liberals slammed for backing nuclear cover-up

Labour Euro-MP Bill Miller and Liberal colleague Elspeth Attwooll were today severely criticised by SNP Euro-MPs Ian Hudghton and Neil MacCormick for failing to back tough new safeguards on transporting nuclear waste. Ian Hudghton, the Scottish National Party's leading candidate for June's European election, condemned the Lib/Lab MEPs' decision to vote against a measure that would have made it illegal to transport nuclear waste through an area without first notifying the local council and seeking their approval. Both Ian Hudghton and Neil MacCormick supported the measure, which was eventually defeated with Labour and Lib Dem backing.

Speaking from Strasbourg, Ian Hudghton MEP said:

"I am appalled that Labour and Liberal MEPs including Bill Miller and Elspeth Attwooll from Scotland effectively backed a cover up of nuclear waste transports.

It is local councils that are responsible for emergency planning arrangements and local councils that would have to deal first hand if anything went wrong in transporting nuclear waste. Local government is the best placed to co-ordinate this kind of activity locally and it's outrageous to keep them in the dark on matters like this.

We also have to think about openness and transparency. After all, people have every right to know if potentially hazardous nuclear waste is being transported through their communities and it is local councils that are once again best placed to pass on this kind of information.

Bill Miller and Elspeth Attwooll must explain their actions to their constituents, who, thanks to the opposition of Labour and Liberal MEPs, will now remain in the dark about nuclear waste transports in their area."

MEPs were voting on an amendment to rules governing the management of nuclear waste that would have prohibited the transport of nuclear waste without prior notification and approval of the local authority of the area through which the waste is to be transported. The amendment, opposed by Labour and Liberal MEPs, was defeated.

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