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18 December 2003
Cat and Dog fur trade ban clears first hurdle

Ian Hudghton, SNP Member of the European Parliament is welcoming news that a majority of MEPs have backed calls for an EU-wide ban on trade in cat and dog fur, after a required 314 MEPs put their names to a written declaration calling for a ban.

Fraserburgh-based Sandra Edwards, of animal rights group Voice 4 Dogs, had asked Mr Hudghton in October to deliver a 14,000 signature petition to Internal Market Commissioner Frits Bolkestein.  The petition was supported by animal lovers from across the UK and beyond and was an immense show of public revulsion against this trade. 

Speaking from the European Parliament, a delighted Mr Hudghton said:

ďSurprising as it may seem, itís not easy to get 314 MEPs with their diverse interests and political priorities to sign a written declaration.  Iím informed by Parliamentary staff that, since 1999 only five such declarations have made it past the 50% mark.  Sandra and her fellow campaigners cannot be congratulated enough for their determination to get this ghastly trade stopped and Iím delighted that MEPs have shown that they are behind the campaign.Ē

Mrs Edwards commented:

"Iím over the moon that MEPs have listened to the concerns of their constituents and have added their voices to the many calling for this trade to be stopped.  Itís been hard work but worth it.  This news is an early Christmas present for cat and dog lovers everywhere.  I hope that the EU Commission will follow the lead given by MEPs and their constituents and instigate action to get this trade stopped immediately.Ē

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