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9 July
Top EU Legal Adviser backs SNP Fisheries Fears

In a frank statement to the European Parliament Fisheries Committee, a top European Union lawyer has backed SNP fears over the proposal to designate 'marine biological conservation' an exclusive EU competence under the draft constitution.

Responding to questioning from MEPs the European Parliament's own legal adviser, Matthew Moore, stated that "exclusive competence" means giving a power to the EU 'in perpetuity', with no possibility of changing the situation for perhaps 50 years.

Commenting Ian Hudghton MEP said:

"This advice starkly illustrates the danger for Scotland's fishing communities from allowing any part of the CFP to be entrenched in a constitution, and why the SNP have been seeking deletion of the reference about exclusive EU competence."

"In my view no part of the CFP should be immune from change. On the contrary, the CFP is not working and requires to be either rewritten or scrapped.

"Today I will be meeting with Ben Bradshaw MP, the UK's new Fisheries Minister, and will call on him to ensure that the UK Government give a commitment to deleting the CFP reference from the list of proposed exclusive competencies."

  • Note: Ian Hudghton MEP will be part of a delegation of MEPs from the European Parliament Fisheries Committee to meet Ben Bradshaw at DEFRA in London at 17.30 today 9 July.

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