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16 April
More London lies on fisheries cash


SNP Euro-MP Ian Hudghton MEP has demanded that UK Fisheries Minister Elliot Morley tells the truth about the availability of additional European funds to compensate Scottish fishing communities affected by the current crisis in the white fish sector.  The call was made after Mr Morley repeated, in a letter to Mr Hudghton, his assertion that no new money is available.  Mr Morley's claim comes despite the fact that the European Parliament - one of the EU's two budgetary authorities - recently called for 150 million Euros to be allocated for the crisis. Mr Hudghton said:

"Mr Morley showed his contempt for Scotland's fishing communities by signing up to last December's disastrous deal.  He continues to show contempt by refusing to tell the truth about what money can be made available.

"The facts are simple.  The European Parliament last month supported an SNP amendment which called for 150 million Euros additional funding to be made available for fishing communities affected by the current crisis.  If the European Council backs this call, the money will be allocated from the EU's contingency fund.  However, the UK Treasury will deny Scotland any benefit from the fund.

"What Mr Morley should therefore be doing is making a call for the money at the next Council meeting.  Instead, he is sticking to the same old lines - the same old lies. It's not good enough for London's fisheries minister to show such a disregard for the truth.  Mr Morley should take note that an SNP fisheries minister will not allow him to continue peddling his untrue assertions."


In his letter to Mr Hudghton, Mr Morley states that, due to UK accounting rules, "any new EU monies are not additional to our existing funds".
The European Parliament called for 150 million Euros additional EU funding to be made available for fishing communities on 12th March.  The cash can be accessed from the EU's Flexibility Instrument if the call is now backed in the Council.
The Spanish and Portuguese governments recently benefited from 197million Euros from this source after their fishing fleets were hit with a crisis.

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