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27 March
Lib Dems mauled by Sharks yet again - Finnie "Splashing around helplessly"

SNP Euro-MP Ian Hudghton today commiserated with Lib Dem MEP Elspeth Attwooll after she lost a key vote in the European Parliament on her report on shark fins. Mr Hudghton noted that this is not the first time that the Lib Dems have had problems dealing with "sharks" in Europe or, indeed, the UK. Lib Dem fisheries minister Ross Finnie has been mauled on numerous occasions recently by the sharks operating in Brussels and Whitehall.

Mr Hudghton commented:

"Mrs Attwooll's report dealt with the serious issue of sharks being killed solely for their fins to be sold on the Far East market - and it is disappointing that an MEP alliance from Iberia managed to block key sections. However, there is nothing particularly novel about a Lib Dem coming unstuck on an issue relating to sharks. Fisheries Minister Ross Finnie has suffered repeatedly in his dealings with another kind of shark - those operating in Whitehall and the Commission.

"Last December's Fisheries Council meeting saw Mr Finnie encircled by the Commission's sharks, chewed up and then spat out. The result was the crisis which is now facing the Scottish fishing industry.

"Mr Finnie has since been mauled by the sharks in London. Despite coming away from Brussels in December pledging to fight for extra EU funding to help the Scottish industry, Mr Finnie has now been told by London Labour that he can't even apply for cash.

"Scotland can't afford to have a minister splashing around helplessly in a panic - it's time Scotland's fishing communities had a fisheries minister committed to winning them a fair deal".

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