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October 2003

22 October 2003

FORFARIANS MEET AT STRASBOURG PARLIAMENTFormer pupil of Forfar Academy Karen Liddle, who graduated recently from Heriot Watt University with an M.A. (hons) in Interpreting and Translating, is currently working with the British Council as an English teaching assistant in a High School in Strasbourg, France.  In addition to her High School duties, Karen also works part-time teaching at the University of Strasbourg. 

Last week local MEP Ian Hudghton met up with Karen during a plenary session of the European Parliament which meets monthly in the French town.

After following one of the debates from the public gallery Karen gave her impressions on the work of the Parliament,

"Having studied the work of the European institutions at university, I was delighted when Mr Hudghton invited me to visit the Parliament and see first hand what happens there. I was extremely impressed with the work of the interpreters and was given a great insight into the range of topics covered within the Parliament." 

8 October 2003

A 23 strong party of Modern Studies pupils and 3 teachers from Plockton High School undertook a marathon journey - by bus, train and Rosyth Ferry - to Brussels on a study visit (pictured) to the European Parliament.

Sponsored by Ian Hudghton MEP, the group was briefed on the complex relationships between the EU Institutions, and had the opportunity to quiz a panel of MEPs on key issues affecting Scotland as a result of EU decisions.

In September, Ian Hudghton visited Plockton to preview the Brussels trip, and take part in a series of discussions on European Union decision-making, and the pros and cons of different electoral systems being used or proposed for use in Scotland.

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