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February 2004


28 February 2004

SNP Leader John Swinney MSP, accompanied by MEPs Ian Hudghton and Neil MacCormick, hosted a meeting with leading Fianna Fail member Gerard Collins MEP, former Foreign Minister of Ireland.

With Ireland currently holding the Presidency of the EU, the SNP team took the opportunity to explore areas of possible co-operation between Scotland and Ireland, and underlined their concerns about the effect on Scotland of some parts of the draft EU Constitution.

Commenting, Ian Hudghton said:

“Ireland, in its role as the current President of the European Union, demonstrates very clearly the advantages which small countries can achieve for themselves within Europe through exercising the normal powers of Independence. Irish Ministers are setting the agendas of European Council meetings, and will oversee the accession of 10 new member states from 1st May, 2004. If Malta, Estonia, Latvia and other small countries can fulfil their potential as independent member states of the EU, why not Scotland!”

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